Strategic Plan

Why should you have a Strategic Plan? 

Creating a strategic plan helps you to:

  1. Articulate a 3-Year plan and strategic core elements that align members of the leadership team
  2. Remind teams to think holistically about the business and prevent them from getting stuck in the operational “weeds”
  3. Establish a common language and framework with colleagues
  4. Clarify your current annual initiatives and bring to focus interdependencies (the big picture) across departments / functions
  5. Provide the opportunity to execute on new services/offerings while understanding how they fit into the larger picture

How long does it take to create a Strategic Plan? 

It depends on a few factors. (Don’t you hate that answer?). How fast is your company growing? How big is your leadership team? Do you feel an urgent need to get this done today, or can it evolve over time?

Creating a strategic plan can be relatively simple, especially if you are a company that has some of the key elements already identified. However, living the plan is something different — that requires people to change behaviors, and holding people accountable to the plan.

If you feel that you can self-implement, that’s great!

But, if you need help with structure, processes, holding people accountable and just even carving out the time and energy to do this, contact me — we would love to help.