About Jill

Jill Huentelman

Entrepreneur, Certified Scaling Up™ Coach

As founder of Lernia Training Solutions, an educational company for 20+ years, I enjoy helping CEO’s and their leadership teams on implementing new ways of working that help their company grow well.

As a fellow entrepreneur that built a business from my kitchen table, I grew Lernia to 25 people and was recognized as one of the Top 100 fastest growing, privately held companies in the Philadelphia area (2010 / 2011). Growing a business has many challenges, especially as you add more employees and progress past the start-up phase.

Is your company between 10 – 100 employees? If so, you are between the “Ramp Up” to “Integration” stages of growth. This is when things get interesting — leadership teams form, delegation activities have to occur, communication becomes more complex, and fundamentally the way we interact and communicate needs to transform. As a wise person once said, “what got you here, won’t necessarily get you to there.”

Although these resources, tools and disciplines work at any stage of growth, I focus on assisting leaders to articulate their strategic goals, and advocate for strategic plans that leadership teams can readily implement within their organization. This means having the following: clearly articulated Core Values and Purpose, a strategic one-page plan with 3-Year goals, and then annual and quarterly goals that support that plan. It means having the right meeting rhythms that focus on ensuring the strategic goals of the company do not get overcrowded by the urgent day-to-day activities. It means having the right cash strategies (and reporting!), with 2-3 months of operating expenses easily available so that you can be your own line of credit (and not a bank). It means putting in the right accountability disciplines that make your already good company….great.

I get tremendous joy in helping CEO’s and their leadership teams learn principles that save them time, and that they can adopt easily into their organization. When your company has a strategic, one-page plan, with the right execution disciplines in place — your company will soar. And if good companies can learn to soar, the impact on your employees, and ultimately society at large, is tremendous.

Are you ready to soar?